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Urology is a wide subject from minor to major complications. A perfect diagnosis will give a perfect solution. Urology is the clinical science of diseases within the genitourinary system of males and females. Anatomically it includes diseases in the upper urinary tract like the kidneys and ureters, the lower urinary tract like the urinary bladder and urethra, and the male inner and outer genitals like the prostate, testicles and the epididymis. Today urology is a specialty including numerous new and common non-surgical and pharmacotherapeutic alternatives. We will help you with all the inputs and analysis. You will be sure of what is happening and why, of course we will make sure you are happy and free from the ailment.

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Medical Visa

Today India is the topmost preferred destination in the world for Medical Tourism. The Indian Government has introduced Medical Visa for the foreign nationals who are seeking medical treatment in India. There is also Visa on arrival for nationals belonging to a few select countries. For an updated list of countries, please visit https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html

Up to 2 attendants are allowed to travel with the patient under Medical Attendant Visa and the validity of the visa is the same as the visa validity of the patient. The medical visa is preliminary valid for 1 year or for the duration of the treatment, whichever is less and it allows a maximum of 3 entries per year.

Vive Med Solutions will provide all assistance and details required to apply and obtain a medical visa.